Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Weight Loss

Once I decided to lose weight, I wanted to adopt the healthy way of losing weight, rather going on crash dieting. I read some useful articles on which gave tips on losing weight the healthy way. I planned to adopt those tips to see the outcome for one month time. As suggested by the article I listed down what I ate regularly and did modifications on the diet. I decreased the portions of junk food I am used to intake. Along with proper dieting like inclusion of more vegetables, fruits, whole grains and cereals with high fiber content I also went for regular workouts to give some physical activity to my body. I avoided taking my car often and walked shorter distances. The article suggested to fill up the fridge with all kinds of healthy foods, as when had any craving, I had no choice but to take a dig on only the healthy foods. I also took care of the nutritional facts while buying food products. All these things let me lose weight without looking skinny but into a healthy lean female.